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3-Corner Field Farm

Karen Weinberg and Paul Borghard own and operate what was the first sheep dairy in Washington County (and one of only four in New York State). They are the third family to carry on the tradition of farming at this location since the first farm family started milking cows in the mid-19th century and they use the same old-fashioned farming techniques. They've completed their first decade of milking sheep and raising lambs and their sixth year of creating sheep's milk cheeses and yogurt. Several of their cheeses have received awards from the American Cheese Society. They are three miles north of Shushan hamlet, 1.5 miles south of State Rt. 22 in Salem.)
3-Corner Field Farm

Argyle Cheese Farmer

Marge Randles of Randles Fairview Farm makes cheese from the cows that her husband, David and his brother Will raise. It's a tradition that goes back five generations. Marge was working as an accountant and certified financial planner when they were looking to increase the value of their cows' milk production through challenging times in the dairy industry. Although the herd is small (50 cows), it provides an abundance of rich milk and allows them to make a variety of farmstead cheese like Caerphilly, a semi-firm, aged cheese with Welsh roots (the cheese maker's favorite). They are at 990 Coach Road, Argyle, NY. (1 mile from State Rt. 40 on McEachron Hill Rd. First left on Coach Rd.)
Argyle Cheese Farmer

Consider Bardwell Farm

In 2001, Angela Miller and Russell Glover set out to reinvent the first cheesemaking co-op in Vermont, founded by Consider Bardwell in 1864, on 300-acres that straddle the border of Vermont and New York. Now in their eighth season, with cheesemaker, Peter Dixon, they have created hand-made cheeses with their own Swiss alpine goat's and Jersey cow's milk that are sold locally and nationally, and grace many 4-star restaurant menus. CBF brought home a gold and two silvers--Manchester, Dorset, and Pawlet respectively--from the 2010 World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, England in November 2010. They are at 1333 Vt. Route 153 in West Pawlet, VT. (just south of West Pawlet hamlet.)
Consider Bardwell Farm

Homestead Artisans at Longview Farm

Liza and David Porter Started making cheese in 2004 in a tiny creamery in Saratoga Springs, and soon were looking for a place to expand. They moved to their Argyle farm in 2005 and added a herd of French Alpine goats. They seasonally produce farmstead goat cheeses, as well as artisanal cow's milk cheese that Liza creates from the milk of her neighbor's herd of Jerseys and Brown Swiss. The menu of cheeses, some seasonal, consists of five fresh and four aged cows' milk cheeses as well as four fresh and three aged goats' milk cheeses. They are at 177 County Route 43, Argyle, NY. (1/4 mile north of County Route 44.)
Longview Farm

Sweet Spring Farm

Jeff Bowers and Milton Ilario purchased their 105-acre farm in 2002, and it only took a year before two Nubian does came to live on the farm. The farm is part of a homestead dating back to the 18th century, and has a carriage house that has been transformed into the cheese making room. Jeff gradually grew the herd and started making cheeses from the milk of his pure-bred Nubian goats five years ago. Jeff's plan is to keep the cheese making seasonal. His fresh chevres, White Lily (Camembert-style), aged Carriage House, and fresh feta, all made from the Nubian milk, known for its high butterfat content. They are at 240 Saunders Road in Argyle, NY. (1 mile from State Rt. 40 on County Rt. 49. Then 3/4 mile on Saunders Rd.)
Sweet Spring Farm

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